Miss Indonesia

So why many Indonesian people complain about Zivanna Letisha Siregar (contestant from Indonesia)  who used swim suit – 2 pieces at the Miss Universe contest?

I do not understand why year to year we still sent our representative to Miss Universe contest, but year to year we still complain about this swim suit issue. Looks like stupid, right? If we did not want our representative use something which we think will break our culture, why we did not stop to send any one to go to Miss Universe contest as our representative. As simple as it, right?

As Indonesian woman, I do not feel any kind of proud to see Indonesia representative at Miss Universe contest.  Not because I do not like woman use this kind of swim suit, or because I am jealous to see all beautiful face there. But from what I see, women who want to be Miss Indonesia (after be a winner as Miss Indonesia they will be Indonesia representative at Miss Universe contest),  almost all of them came from rich family. Not from middle, especially not from poor family. And what they did, how they act,  somehow (in my opinion) did not represent the majority of Indonesia people.

And it looks like fake.  The question in my heart,  are they really know exactly how to live in Indonesia? Because most of them (I bet) even did not know how the look of rice field. LOL

If they knew it , may be just read from the book, and saw from the pictures or magazines or from TV.

Of course I am so proud to see how they are young and already have a high self confidence. Can speak fluently English and other language, studying at the best University in Indonesia or even studying abroad. But I did not really see Indonesia through their conversation, through their habit, through their smile, through their beauty. Or am I  wrong?

I do not want to have a negative thinking about them. Not at all. But I think, why the organizer of Miss Indonesia contest did not open they ‘door’ to find a candidate from middle or poor family,  doing hard thing to studying, and really Indonesia woman. I think they could find this easily, Indonesian woman who smart, brave, beautiful (inner and outer ), hard worker and still looks like Indonesia woman. Not something fake there.  Someone who really knew about Indonesia, and really feel like Indonesia woman 🙂

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I am just an ordinary woman who wants to share her mind and her dreams to the world.
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