About Sufi II

Since long time, I believe how I talk with my  God, it should something that I can do everywhere, everyplace and with my heart. Not one of same prayer which we should learn first. And I always believe that my God not understand just one language. And I always believe that I can talk with him eventhough ‘my periode’ come. 

For me, my relantionship with my God, is one thing should really special between us.  And I trust that I do not have to go to very far away place …. just if I want to feel really close to Allah. 

So sometimes what I learn about God … it looks like contradiction.
Cause one part they said that God can see you everytime …. but other part, they said that you should go to Makaa to feel close with Him. Uhmmm….

One of my reason to ask my self about my ‘heritage’ religion. Should I be apart of them? Because I feel not comfortable with all contradicitions inside.

I want to close with Him, want to talk with Him, every time and everywhere I want. Unlimited!!!!

And my question, answered by  one of the magnum opus from Jalaludin Rumi

“The Masnawi”

Cross and Christians, end to end, I examined.

He was not on the Cross

I went to the Hindu temple, to the ancient pagoda

In neither was there any sign.

To the heights of Herat I went, and Kandahar. I looked.

He was not on height or lowland.

Resolutely, I went to the to of the Mountain of Kaf.

There only was the place of the ‘Anqa bird’.

I went to the Kaaba. He was not there.

I asked of his state from Ibn Sina:

he was beyond the limits of the philosopher Avicenna …..

I looked into my own heart.

In that his place I saw him. He was in no other place ……….

So … that is the answer….

He is always in my heart !!!!!!!!!

May be for other people who read this opus from Rumi , would think that he did not have a respect with all holly places. 

But I think , not like that …he just wanted us to see , that God is in our heart and never far away and limited by anything.  The holly places which made by human and be ‘holly’ by human, should not be the reason for us to limited our relantionship with Allah.

About kharinadhewayani

I am just an ordinary woman who wants to share her mind and her dreams to the world.
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