Religion in my point of view.

A few question that I do not like  are about what is religion, status or origin.

No, not because I feel shame with my religion or my status or my origin. Not at all.  But what do you think about me, what I do to you, what is my habit or if we can be a friend, do not have a connection with all this questions.

I am just what I am, and you are just you are no matter my or your background.

Especially about the religion  ……

My relantionship with my Lord, my Almighty, my God, The Owner of Myself ……  is my privacy. Because it is just between I and Him.  And you could not see how that relationship or what kind of the relationship that I and Him have,  even though you knew what is my religion ^_^

The meaning of The Almighty, in my opinion, are more than just about the world call “religion”.  More than that.  It is border and deeper .

If you do something which has a conection with religion … should you let other people who has a difference religion with you, to hear or to do something which is not comfortable for them? If you do not celebrate  something which connecting with religion, and people greet you with the greeting which began with ” happy …… (what ever the celebration is )”,  should you refuse them? Or Am I a sinner, if  I like the good sentences from the difference  religion of mine? And more extreem if you knew that your neighbour has a difference religion, should you hate them without any logical reason or without a chance for them to show you who they are actually? Or will you kill someone because of difference religion?

Religion is not kind of organization. Religion is not something which allow you to hate people, or kill inocent people. Religion is not just a word. And religion is not something you should  show off to other people so they know how holly you are. And religion is not a tool to judge another people.

And I feel sad when I saw, people use the religion in wrong way, people use the religion just for blaming people. People do not want to know  their neighbour, do not want to help other people or even do not want to be  other people friends or see other people down just because of  religion. 

I believe all religion are good. I believe all religion lead you to the good way. I believe all religion, teach you about love, about care to each other.  I believe to be religious do not mean to be arrogant. I believe that religion is privat thing, so you should not force other people to follow your way.  I believe religion is not politic or  part of politic.

And I strong believe if you  give your respect to other  people no matter their religion, their status, their origin, it will lead us to create peace and harmony into the world ^_^

About kharinadhewayani

I am just an ordinary woman who wants to share her mind and her dreams to the world.
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